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A new town alive with opportunity

At Seven Mills, we are
creating a new town that offers
exciting opportunities to grow, discover and thrive.

Introducing Seven Mills – Dublin 22’s newest town

,nestled on the Grand Canal between Lucan and Clondalkin. This vibrant community in South County Dublin is just 13km from the city centre and designed to be convenient and connected. When complete, almost anything you need will be a 5 minute walk away. With commercial and business hubs planned, you could live and work in Seven Mills.

A considered community

Eco-friendly meets comfort at

Seven Mills, Dublin 22

with A-rated homes,
sustainable transport, and green spaces to discover and explore. The Grand Canal,
a protected natural heritage area runs through our biodiverse community.

  • Targeting1st

    biodiversity net gain
    town in Ireland

  • Approx.225

    acres of green
    spaces - the size of
    126 football pitches

  • 3.5km

    of tranquil canal

  • 12.5km

    of cycleways
    & walkways

Welcome to the first neighbourhood in Seven Mills.

A New Adventure Begins.

Feel right at home
in Parkleigh

a neighbourhood
that is considered
and well connected.

Whether you’re a family looking for a forever home, or a first time buyer keen to put down roots, Parkleigh is the obvious choice for you. It features spacious, light-filled 3 and 4 bedroom homes designed to promote eco-friendly living. Parkleigh also offers a prime location nestled on the Grand Canal between Lucan and Clondalkin and its inclusive layout fosters a welcoming community for everyone who lives here.

Eligible for:
Selling agent:

On your doorstep

  • 8

    schools planned by the Department of Education

  • 3

    crèches to accommodate a growing community

  • 12

    minutes by train to Dublin City Centre

  • 2

    train stations


With numerous exciting retail and commercial opportunities available, Seven Mills will accommodate the needs of a wide range of businesses. We offer a variety of options from small to larger store fronts, as well as unique commercial spaces making it the perfect location for both aspiring entrepreneurs and well-known brands. With a prime location, excellent footfall and proximity to transport links, your business can take advantage of this bustling environment.

+300,000 sq ft

of exciting
commercial spaces

+180,000 sq ft

of inspiring
retail spaces

For Commercial Opportunities Contact Us