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Working together
for a brighter future

Seven Mills is a new town that will form the centrepiece of the Clonburris Development Zone (SDZ) Planning Scheme. This scheme will see the development of a new planned and sustainable community in South Dublin County.


The Clonburris Development Zone (SDZ) Planning Scheme is recognised by the Irish Government as an area of strategic national importance. South Dublin County Council, along with the landowners have collaborated to develop a tailored plan to deliver 8,700 new homes, 8 new schools and 10 crèches in this area. Cairn has designed Seven Mills to become the shining centrepiece to this new area.

A community
to call home

At Cairn we understand that developing a new town is not just about building homes, it’s about creating communities. That’s why Cairn have made a significant investment, forward funding €30 million in order to ensure Seven Mill’s holistic development.

A Connected Town

The Cairn investment will be added to €186 million from the Urban Regeneration Development Fund and €18.8 million from the National Transport Authority, which will guarantee that comprehensive infrastructure will be included in every step of Seven Mills’ construction.

New roads, transport infrastructure including DART+ South West, parks, community centres and utility networks, are just some of the public facilities that will be delivered alongside 8,700 new homes in the Clonburris SDZ. Cairn is leading the way, building 5,500 of these homes over the coming years.